The Niche Websites Of Sheldon Nesdale

me-2014-200There are 3 parts to my business life:

  1. Marketing Advice
  2. Event Organisation
  3. Niche Websites

This website is about #3, my niche websites.

Hi, I’m Sheldon Nesdale and I used to make websites for clients.

I stopped a few years ago as my consulting businesses grew. Now I advise clients on what improvements they can make to their website.

Improvements that get the phone ringing, or sell products and services in an automated fashion.

But I still make websites for myself. Each one is focused on a niche.

Some are dogs and cost me time and money.

Others have made me tens of thousands of dollars for only a few hours of work.

The rest are somewhere in the middle.

My goals are:

  • To build up a portfolio of 100 niche websites by the end of 2016
  • For each one to earn me an average of $100/month (to generate $10,000 every month)

Here are the websites I’ve got so far:

    • List of all the daily deal sites in New Zealand
    • List of all the daily deal sites in Australia
    • List of all the daily deal sites in the United Kingdom
    • List of all the daily deal sites in the USA
    • List of all the rental car brands that have cars you could relocation for free in New Zealand
    • List of all the hot pools and hot springs in New Zealand
    • List of all the dating websites in New Zealand
    • The best reading order for Jack Reacher novels
    • Summaries of the best business books in the world
    • List of all the food bag / food subscription boxes in New Zealand
    • List of all the network marketing / multi-level marketing businesses in New Zealand
    • List of the 2nd tier animated characters that don’t get enough attention
    • List of the best free business directories in New Zealand
    • Advice on how to get the money you are owed when customers are slow to pay you
    • List of advertising techniques you can try
    • List of auction websites as alternatives to TradeMe
    • List of businesses that can check if you the IRD owes you a tax refund
    • List of dating websites in Australia
    • List of all the rental car brands that have cars you could relocation for free in Australia
    • Proposes the best reading order for some of the worlds best authors
    • How to make money slowly and surely, not get-rich-quick
    • List of all the crowd funding platforms in New Zealand

What Niche Should I Build Next?

Can you see a theme?

I like lists.

What list do you think I should make next?

Say so in the comments section below.

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